Salmon from Syvde is one of the best-selling products in the US

Salmon of Hofseth AS company from Syvde has become particularly popular after The Washington Post has ranked it among the best cultivated and wild salmons.

Farmed or wild salmon. Can you feel the difference? This issue is debated in the United States just as often as in Norway. The Washington Post has invited a committee of chefs to check whether salmon fishermen, arguing that wild salmon is best, are right indeed. The result: the dispute was put to an end with the unmistakable victory of the farmed salmon: it took the first five places.

The farmed salmon sold by the Costco foods stores, frozen and salted in packs (in brine) was rated best. Newspapers did not write that this salmon is packaged and produced in Norway, in the town of Syvde.

 “Absolutely incredible. We outperformed all those famous guys in this class,” says Roger Hofseth, the owner and manager of Hofseth group.

 Effect of advertising

 He bought a closed dairy in the small town of Syvde and equipped a salmon factory here, which now can be labelled as “Best in the USA”.

 “The impact of advertising on our company and our customers in the US is incredible. Now, we look forward that all those 20 million The Washington Post readers to buy one pack of salmon every other week. And then, we are going to be very busy in our town of Syvde,” says Hofseth.

 He can also be proud on behalf of the entire Norwegian salmon industry: the Norwegian salmon took the first and the second place.

 “We outperformed the Scots, and the Chileans,” says Roger Hofseth.

 Four varieties of wild salmon were ranked in positions 6, 8, 9 and 10. The lowest points are not surprising to the salmon grower from Ellingsøy.

 “Wild salmon has nothing to boast about in North America. It cannot go in comparison to the wild Norwegian salmon,” says Roger Hofseth.

The Washington Post sums up the results of the test: “The verdict was final and astonishing. Farmed salmon defeats the wild salmon leaving no doubt.”

Chefs emphasize that the winner salmon was packed and salted, which gives it a good taste and a good consistency. In addition, this salmon was the cheapest – as much as 10 dollars per kilogram cheaper than some other salmon types.

“This is because the network of shops was having a sales campaign, so it’s a favourable coincidence,” says Roger Hofseth.



 The Washington Post is the largest newspaper of the capital city of America, and the fifth largest in the United States.

 The Washington Post has invited a group of well-known restaurant chefs to perform a blind tasting and to compare the farmed and wild salmon. The farmed salmon took the first five places.

 Norwegian farmed salmon, packed in the location of Syvde, was ranked the best.

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